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It’s International Women’s Day — a day to celebrate women everywhere. So why not help empower the working women in your life with technology meant to make their work — and lives — easier? Or, if you’re a woman, maybe today’s the perfect day to celebrate and splurge on a new gadget for yourself.

Whether you or the woman you know works at home or in the office — or a combination of both — these five gadgets could help make things go a little smoother this year.

1. A Smart Notebook

If she’s the type who’s always jotting things down — whether it’s notes from a meeting or an ongoing to-do list — a smart notebook is the perfect tool. And unlike traditional notebooks, she won’t have to worry about the environmental impact of wasting paper, or about running out of notebook space at a crucial moment. Everything is digital. A bonus: she can store her notes on the cloud, making them easy to access wherever she happens to be.

2. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Whether she works at home — and needs to keep the sounds of pets, partners or kids at bay — or she’s at the office in a loud open-concept environment, noise-cancelling headphones can be a changemaker for the busy businesswoman. Not only can they help increase concentration and enhance productivity, but they can offer a better audio experience during calls too. They’re also helpful in keeping hearing loss to a minimum, since the noise-cancelling technology means she won’t have to turn the volume up as high to avoid background noises.

3. A Wireless Webcam

While we’re on the subject of calls — when there’s video involved, a good quality external webcam goes a long way in making them go smoothly. Of course, most laptops these days have webcams built in, but external webcams can give you more bang for the buck. That is, a better quality picture, even in low light, with better resolution and improved audio. Make the webcam wireless too and the woman in your life can carry it with her wherever she works, without worrying about extra cables.

4. An Electric Standing Desk

Whether working from home or in an office environment, an electric standing desk might be just what the woman you know needs to stay comfortable. The electric height adjustment makes it easy to move between sitting and standing mode, allowing her to benefit from both throughout the day. All of which can help break up the monotony of sitting for hours and counteract some of the disadvantages of a sedentary lifestyle. It can also help relieve back and neck pain, improve circulation and help her stay more active in general.

5. A Wireless Charging Station

Between their work and home lives, women today often have a lot to juggle. That can make it difficult to find the time to charge their phones and other devices — or to remember that they need to. A wireless charging station makes charging convenient and automatic. Through the use of electromagnetic induction, it lets her charge her devices without needing to plug them in. So the woman in your life can charge while she’s working and have her devices ready to go when she’s on the run again — all without the need for cords.


The right technology can help enable the workplace, making it easier to stay productive and help you get your job done. That’s true whether you’re a woman or not. But International Women’s Day is a great occasion to enable the women in your life specifically, with the gadgets that will keep them thriving in the workplace.

And what better way to celebrate women than that!

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