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With three unique networks to provide Internet services, we are truly able to service business customers coast to coast.

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Meeting the Connectivity Demands of Canadian Businesses

Business Internet has become essential for success when it comes to staying connected with customers, employees and suppliers.

Whether you're a small business or a business with multiple sites, you'll benefit from cost-effective Internet plans with a range of speed and data options.

Business Internet

Simple Internet solutions for basic browsing and business requirements

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Custom Solutions

Symmetrical, dedicated Internet access (DIA) customized for your business

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Backup Solutions

Protect your business from an Internet outage with a secondary connection

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Carrier Services

Expand your business reach to locations across the country with a nationwide network.

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Understanding the Best Solution for Your Business

To choose the best Internet solution for your business, start by considering your unique needs. The more tools, locations or employees you add, the more your connectivity requirements change.

Young woman opening up her small business

Small Business Needs

Your small business deserves a reliable Internet connection. Choose from cost-effective plans featuring professional installation, unlimited data and a range of speed options. All plans come with 24/7 priority business support so your small business can stay ahead.

Person working on laptop

Multiple Locations

Does your business have multiple locations across Canada? Are you looking to connect them with MPLS, EPL or EVPL connections? Possibly you're looking for LAN extensions for additional coverage from one building to another at one site?

Employees working together at the office

More Employees

Is your business growing and you're adding more employees? Will your current connection accommodate more use? Scalable solutions to accommodate your headcount – whether you have five employees or 100.

Man working at desk

More Tools

Are you moving to a VoIP phone system or maybe adding a SD-WAN solution? Looking for a redundant back up connection? Find a dedicated connection that empowers all the business tools you rely on.

Business Versus Residential Connections -Things to consider when choosing your Internet service.

There is a difference between residential plans and business plans. This article provides a few of the key differences you should consider.