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Outages Happen. Your Business Doesn’t Have to Suffer.

An unexpected Internet outage can slow your business down. That doesn’t have to be the case, though. A reliable backup solution keeps you connected, even when your primary connection is down.

Xplore Business Backup Solutions Help You Stay Prepared

Separate from your primary Internet network, Xplore Business Backup Solutions keep you connected even during an outage, with:

Product Diversity

Product diversity mitigates the risks associated with single points of failure and network congestion. By utilizing multiple networks, it helps ensure that if one path becomes unavailable or experiences performance issues, traffic can be automatically rerouted through alternate paths. This redundancy helps to increase reliability, minimize downtime, and improve overall network performance.

Affordable Protection

What would the financial impact be to your business if your Internet goes down for an hour or a day?

Does the potential lost revenue justify the added expense or not? And what about when you add in the other effects a network outage could have?

Failover Connection

You want your business operations to continue uninterrupted – which means you should look for a solution that’s seamless. If your primary connection goes down, your backup connection should kick in automatically – and when your connection resumes again it should automatically go back to the main network.


Consider the upload and download speeds your business requires in order to stay connected during an outage. You’ll need a redundancy plan and service that meets those needs.

How Backup Solutions Work

Protect Your Business

Businesses require seamless continuity - optimize your connectivity to weather any event.

Eliminate Downtime

Maintain productivity

Minimize Financial Impacts

Keep digital payments on track

Protect Your Company Reputation

Be known for flawless service

Improve Customer Loyalty

Stay connected to your customers

Avoid Security Risks

Safeguard your business from potential cyber attacks

Give yourself peace of mind today.

Request a connectivity consultation with a Client Executive today.