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Stay Online Through Any Internet Outage

Don’t leave your business scrambling if your primary Internet connection goes down. With the SureSwitch fully managed failover solution, you won’t lose even a minute of time online. Rather, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your connection will switch over to your redundancy network automatically — keeping everything running, business as usual.

Trustworthy Protection

Automatically switch to a backup connection if your primary connection fails or becomes unstable — no manual switching required.

Seamless Connectivity

Stay connected to your secondary network until your primary connection stabilizes or returns, when you’ll be switched back over automatically.

Easy Installation

SureSwitch comes fully configured and easy to install — and is backed by our 24/7 Priority Business Support team.

Affordable Pricing

Protect your business for as little as $15/month with a Business Internet BisBackup plan.

The Xplore Business Difference

Accelerate your business growth with a custom Internet solution

Flexible Contracts

Options for term length and payment plans

Dedicated Client Executive

Giving your business account the personal touch

Carrier Grade Equipment

Industry leading equipment for a reliable connection

Layer 2 and Layer 3 Services

Create a private Intranet between locations or straight out to the Internet

Solutions SD-WAN

Combinez les services de transport pour connecter en toute sécurité vos emplacements

Extensive Carrier Wholesale Agreements

Providing last-mile connectivity solutions with carrier partners

Now Get 1 Year Free

Sign up for any BisBackup plan from Xplore Business today and you’ll receive 12 months of SureSwitch free — a $180 value.