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Video calls and email. Cloud applications and file sharing.

For businesses, these can be a regular part of the day-to-day routine. And if you’re a business owner, you probably understand that you need a fast, reliable Internet connection for all of them.

But did you know that upload speeds, specifically, are integral to each and every one?

Upload speeds are key to many of your core business functions – yet it’s not unusual for businesses to ignore them completely when choosing an Internet solution. By focusing exclusively on download capabilities, though, you risk leaving your business without the full connectivity you need to keep up.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what upload speeds are and why they’re important, so that you can begin to determine exactly how much speed your business needs.

What Are Upload Speeds?

You may not even know it, but your business is regularly uploading data.

Business-critical tasks like video conferencing, emailing, file sharing and working on the cloud rely on it. And if you’re keeping up with a remote workforce, it’s a critical component of keeping them in the loop.

Your upload speeds, then, are important to all of that. Upload speeds give you the power to send files to a server. As opposed to download speeds, which empower you to receive them.

So how much upload speed does your business need?

How Much Upload Speed Does Your Business Need?

You may have noticed that business Internet packages often offer faster download speeds than upload speeds. That’s because it’s not unusual for businesses to require higher download speeds to meet their everyday demands. But that doesn’t mean upload speeds aren’t just as important.

Exactly how much upload speed your business needs depends on the size of your business and the type of work you do. Consider the following as a rough guideline:

  • 1 to 5 Mbps: You have a small business with limited staff that’s mostly sending and receiving emails, browsing online and/or maintaining a simple website. General Internet usage is low and uploads are minimal.
  • 5 to 10 Mbps: You have a larger business with more employees, or you’re regularly sharing files, participating in video conferences and/or working with a remote workforce.
  • Symmetrical Uploads: For businesses needing to simultaneously download and upload data, sync files and maintain a consistent connection with a main server.

Even if your upload needs were minimal when you initially signed up for your current Internet plan, the increasing demands of modern business and a growing remote workforce might mean your requirements have changed. If your current plan isn’t keeping up, it may be time to reassess.

New Upload Demands

As Zoom and other video conferencing tools become more widespread, remote workers more normalized and cloud storage more common, upload speeds are becoming more important than ever. More and more businesses are relying on them to stay on top of their business needs.

Before you make a decision on your next business Internet package, then, put some thought into the upload speeds you’ll need to keep up with your unique business demands. If you don’t, you risk falling behind.

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