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Spring has sprung, and summer is just around the corner.

For businesses, that might mean a variety of things. Seasonal companies like landscaping firms, golf courses or campgrounds are probably just getting into the swing of things. Year-long businesses, on the other hand, might be seeing more employees distracted by the nice weather outside. And remote workers could be opting for a change of scenery, working from the cottage, local patio or outside on the back deck.

No matter the case, technology still plays an important role — as does your Internet connection. So let’s look at some of the technologies that can help organizations and their employees work better this summer. And how the right Internet connection can help.

4 Summer Technologies

For retailers that require payment on the go

From event companies and restaurants to wineries, golf courses and garden centres, there are any number of businesses that want to be able to sell on the go — bringing the payment interaction to their customers instead of making them come to them. That’s where mobile point of sale (POS) systems come into play.

If you’re opening up the patio of your cafe this spring or having an event with a sales component, you’ll want a mobile POS system. The right mobile point of sale system, along with a quality Internet connection, will help you offer robust service on the go, keep sales moving and allow you to get through your busy season with a better bottom line.

For businesses that always keep moving

If you’re running a business that travels to different locations, on the other hand — a landscaping or construction business, for example — chances are you have a fleet of vehicles visiting places far and wide. And in the spring and summer, those vehicles are especially active — meaning you need to keep track of them to make sure everyone is exactly where they’re supposed to be. Cloud-based fleet tracking software, along with fast Internet that lets you keep track in real time, could be the answer.

The best fleet tracking software will allow you to schedule and assign jobs, track your vehicles using GPS and communicate with your team in the field. All of which allows you to keep your business moving.

For workers stuck at the office

Let’s be honest — the good weather can sometimes be distracting to workers stuck at the office, and worker productivity can sometimes suffer for it. But the more productive employees are, the more time they can have at the end of the day and on weekends to spend outside. A fast, reliable connection can help ensure they’re able to keep up, but sometimes they need a little more. That’s where productivity apps can help.

Productivity apps let your team track their time and what they need to get done. They can help schedule appointments in a way that maximizes their calendars, help improve focus while they’re working, manage their projects and give them reminders to follow up on later. In fact, there are a whole range of productivity apps available on the market, each with their own specialties. All your team needs to do is choose the apps that best meet their needs.

For remote workers finally getting out of the house

With the weather warming up, it’s only natural that your remote team will want to roam. And if your business allows them to work from anywhere, who can blame them if they choose to go to the nearest coffee shop, sit on a patio or spread out at the local park — as long as they’re getting their work done, with a reliable Internet connection to help.

But if your remote team is working anywhere outside the home, they could be opening up the possibility of people seeing their proprietary work. A privacy screen for their laptop can help with that — keeping your employees’ information visible to them while blocking the view to outsiders. Other useful accessories for spring might include anti-glare protection for when they’re working outside, or wireless keyboards and mice that can make it easier to stay productive while they’re on the go.

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