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Terms of Use


The Services are also subject to the following policies, each as may be changed from time to time (the “Policies”):

For your reference, here are a few definitions of words that are commonly used in the Terms of Use:

  • Commitment Period means the number of months remaining in your committed contractual term, which can be accessed at, or as set out in the Critical Information Summary.
  • Fees means all fees or other amounts payable under this Agreement, including the minimum monthly charges for Services, usage-based fees, equipment rental fees, and one-time fees and charges such as installation fees set out in the Critical Information Summary, as well as the additional fees described in question 28, interest charges payable for overdue accounts, and all applicable taxes.
  • Plan means a particular combination or package of Service(s) offered by Xplore from time to time, including the service characteristics (such as speed and data allowance), the price, and any applicable promotions.
  • Services means the services that Xplore offers such as Internet Access service, Wi-Fi Router service, and other services which are described in more detail below in question 1, and includes any related installation services, de-installation services, maintenance services, repair services, and technical and billing assistance services performed by Xplore.
  • Xplore Equipment means the equipment Xplore provides, that is used for providing the Services, as described in more detail in question 16.

Xplore Services Terms of Use Agreement (the "Agreement"

1. What does this Agreement cover?

This Agreement is for the telecommunications and related services described in the Critical Information Summary that you have ordered from Xplore, which may include each of the following services and any other associated services that Xplore may offer from time to time:

  • Internet Access: Internet access service that provides you with a connection to the public Internet from a fixed location, such as your home
  • Home Phone: Home Phone service provides you with an IP-based telephony voice communications service that includes a telephone number and both local and long distance calling capabilities
  • Wi-Fi Router: Wi-Fi Router Service provides you with the use of a Wi-Fi router for use with your Internet Access Service as well as troubleshooting support for that Wi-Fi router
  • Xtra Care: Xtra Care service is a pre-paid service that covers potential labour costs for any technician who is sent by Xplore to repair the Xplore Equipment during the term of the Xtra Care service
  • Static Domain: Static IP services provides you with a public, persistent Internet Protocol address to be used for accessing the Internet through Xplore Internet Access Service
  • E-mail: Email Service provides you with an email account with an Xplore domain during the term of your Internet Access Service with Xplore

This Agreement also applies to any devices, equipment or software provided by Xplore in association with the Services, including the Xplore Equipment (as defined below in question 16). This Agreement does not apply to Xplore Mobile wireless mobile services or Enterprise Solutions.

2. How can I obtain a copy of this Agreement?

You can always access a copy of the Agreement after you accept it by accessing your account information on You will be able to print or download a copy. Please keep it for your records. Please contact us at 1-866-841-6001 if you would like to receive a copy of the Agreement in an alternative format.

3. Is this Agreement available in an alternative format?

You can request alternative formats of this Agreement and find out more information about Xplore’s accessibility services at or by contacting us using one of the following options:

  • Email our support team using .
  • Reach us using 711 on your phone relay service.
  • Web to Case: Using, please access our “Web to Case” feature located under the “Cases” tab. If you do not have your login information, please contact us by email or phone relay service for assistance.

4. When does my Agreement take effect?

Your Agreement begins on acceptance of this Agreement and will continue for your Commitment Period. Upon expiry of the Commitment Period, or if the Commitment Period in the Critical Information Summary indicates “month to month”, Xplore will continue to provide the Services to you on the same Plan (or on a similar Plan if we no longer offer the same Plan) and the Commitment Period of this Agreement will be automatically renewed from month to month. Xplore will notify you at least 90 days prior to the expiry of the Commitment Period of your Agreement, unless you are on a month-to-month Commitment Period.

Changes to your Services that you request (as described in question 5) or discounts or promotional offers (as described in question 34) may require your agreement to a new or different Commitment Period. In such a case, the new Commitment Period will begin when the change, discount, or promotional offer takes effect and will last for the revised period to which you agree.

5. Can Xplore make changes to this Agreement?

Yes. We may change, add or remove portions of the Agreement that are not key terms, at any time by giving you at least 30 days prior written notice of the change. Similarly, we can modify, add or remove the features of your Services, by giving you at least 30 days written notice. We will notify you of any such changes by email, bill message, messages in, or other means. The notice will clearly identify the change and provide the effective date. Continued use of the Service following notice of the changes confirms that you expressly agree to and accept the Agreement as amended. If you do not agree to the changes, you should stop using the Services and notify us that you are cancelling the Agreement (as set out below in question 37) within 30 days after receiving the notice.

We may change, add or remove portions of the Agreement that are key terms during the Commitment Period only with your informed and express consent or if the change is clearly for your benefit, by reducing the rate for a service or increasing the usage allowance applicable to a Service. If your Commitment Period is month to month, we may change, add or remove portions of the Agreement that are key terms if we provide you with 60 days’ notice.

Key terms of your Plan are the applicable minimum monthly charges and any discounts or promotions and the period during which they apply, the described speed, the data usage allowance, the Commitment Period, any applicable installation fees, the rental charges for the Xplore Equipment, and the early cancellation fee.

The facilities used to provide the Services may change from time to time. If there is a change in Internet facilities, Xplore may need to realign or relocate your receiving antenna in order to continue providing the Services.

Certain Services are regulated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (the “CRTC”). This Agreement may be changed as necessary to comply with any new or modified regulations, directions, or orders of the CRTC.

Note that individual Xplore personnel, such as sales, technicians, or Customer Care representatives are not authorized to change, modify, or amend this Agreement unless specifically approved in writing by Xplore, and you may not rely on any such unapproved change, modification or amendment.

6. Can I change my Services?

You may change the Plan for your Services at any time by contacting Xplore at 1-866-841-6001 or, as available, through the use of our website at We would be happy to help you. You may only be able to change to a Plan that is currently available and any Plan you remove may no longer be available for the price that you currently pay. You will be informed of the key terms (as described above in question [5]) that would apply to the new Plan, including the new price and any new Commitment Period that may apply. Changes to your Plan, including changes to individual features, may not take effect until the start of your next billing period. Where the change is to obtain additional capacity, or to upgrade to a higher tier Plan, we may (in our discretion) apply the change immediately.

While you can change your Plan or Services, you may not make any changes to these Terms of Use.


7. How does Xplore protect my personal information?

We care about your privacy and are serious about protecting your personal information. Please see the Xplore Privacy Policy available at for details on how Xplore seeks to protect your personal information received in the course of providing the Services and under this Agreement.

You have a role in protecting your privacy and personal information. You are responsible for protecting your Account and password, ensuring and maintaining the security and privacy of your property, and protecting yourself against any breaches of privacy, confidentiality, or security, or any other risks relating to the use or receipt of the Services or the Xplore Equipment.

Use of Services

8. Are there any rules on my use of the Services?

Yes. The Services must be used respectfully, responsibly and in accordance with the Internet Use Policy, [available at Any abuse or misuse of the Services, Equipment or our networks is a serious matter and can result in our termination of your Agreement with Xplore and may lead to criminal or civil liability.

9. Are there any limits on the Services?

Depending on your Plan, some Services may be subject to usage limits. These limits are described in the Critical Information Summary. Further information is available at You can access information and details regarding your usage of Services through

If your Plan includes usage limits, Xplore will notify you when you reach 75% of your usage limit, 90% of your usage limit and 100% of your usage limit within a single billing cycle. You can access tools to monitor your data usage through

All of the Services, including any Services described as “unlimited”, are subject at all times to our Internet Traffic Management Policies, described in question 11.

10. Does Xplore offer unlimited Services?

Some Services offered by Xplore have certain unlimited attributes. The term “unlimited” refers to a specific attribute of those Services that is not restricted; other attributes of the Service may still be subject to limitations. For example, an access service with unlimited data may have a speed restriction. Please review the Critical Information Summary to determine any restrictions that may apply to your Services.

11. Are Service speeds guaranteed?

Xplore provides the Services on a “reasonable efforts” basis and does not guarantee upload or download speeds or other performance. Xplore does not guarantee a specific speed to customers when navigating particular sites. There are numerous factors that affect Internet speed and performance, including but not limited to your location, weather, Internet traffic, your router capability, the specific technical configuration, capabilities and status of Customer Equipment, software (including firewalls, procedures for optimization, antivirus analysis, backup, Virtual Private Networks, etc.), and other factors beyond Xplore’s control.

Xplore’s satellite-based Services are not designed or intended to support online gaming such as first person shooters, war games or online role playing games, time sensitive ecommerce, online auctions, or other interactive or low latency applications.

Xplore has established Internet Traffic Management Policies, which are available at, that are intended to provide fair and consistent access to Internet Access Services for all Xplore customers. In some circumstances, these Internet Traffic Management Policies provide for reduced transfer speeds for non-time-sensitive traffic during peak hours. Our intent with these practices is to affect the fewest customers while helping maintain the best speeds for the majority of customers. To ensure this equity of usage is maintained among Xplore customers, customers may experience some temporary throughput limitations. The Internet Traffic Management Policies apply to all Internet Access Services, but the specific practices vary depending on the type of technology used to provide the Service. Please consult the policies for full details.

12. Are the Services suitable for safety-critical applications?

No, the Services are intended for residential, home office or small business use. The Services are not fault-tolerant and are not designed or intended for use in or in conjunction with safety-critical systems including on-line control equipment in hazardous environments requiring fail-safe performance, such as in the operation of nuclear facilities, aircraft navigation systems, air traffic control, or direct life support machines. Xplore specifically disclaims any express or implied representations, warranties, conditions, or guarantees for such uses.

13. Am I responsible for content that I transmit using the Services?

Yes. When using the Services, you must respect the rights of others. You are responsible for ensuring that you have the rights to any content that you copy, post, upload, download, access, store, transmit or communicate to others using the Services including data, documents, videos, music, photos, etc. (“Your Content”). You may not use the Service for a purpose or in a manner that is contrary to our polices, including our Internet Use Policy, or any laws or rights including, without limitation, in violation of any copyright, patent, trade-mark, trade secret, confidentiality or other intellectual property or moral, publicity, personality, proprietary, contractual or privacy right of any person or any defamation, unfair competition, criminal or obscenity laws applicable to any content or information transmitted using the Services (including, without limitation, the Criminal Code of Canada).

Neither Xplore nor any of its affiliates attempt to censor the use of the Service and except as provided in this Agreement (including in the Internet Use Policy) or as required by law, have no control over such use. As the user of the Service, you assume total responsibility and risk for access to or use of Your Content and for your use of the Service and the use of those who you allow to use the Service.

Please be aware that software or content which you install or access may from time to time automatically, and without notice to you, access the Internet, potentially incurring data usage and overage charges.

Credit Requirement

14. Are there security deposit or credit requirements to use the Services?

If you are signing up for Services or changing Services, Xplore may complete a credit check on you. By accepting this Agreement, you consent to our collection of your credit and payment information for Xplore, credit grantors and reporting agencies over time. You authorize us to make inquiries and to receive information about your credit experience from others, to enter this information in your file and to disclose information about you to third parties, in accordance with our privacy policy. You acknowledge that we may provide credit experience information regarding your account to others seeking this information. You consent to our use and disclosure of this information to the parties who will assist with assessing your creditworthiness, and our disclosure of this information to collection agencies to assist with the collection of monies owed, all from time to time.

Xplore may, at any time, by notice to you, require that you provide us with a security deposit on such terms as are determined in our sole discretion. Except as required by applicable law, we will not pay interest to you on any security deposit we hold. Upon termination of the Services, we will apply the security deposit against the outstanding balance on your account and, if any amount remains, refund that amount to you.


15. What do I need to have to connect to the Services?

Minimum and recommended system requirements for computer systems to use the Services are described on our website at In addition, if you want to connect more than a single device and have not subscribed for Xplore’s Wi-Fi Router Service, you will also need a router. See

We may change the minimum requirements for your equipment to use the Services (“Customer Equipment”), in which case you may need to update or replace Customer Equipment.

If Customer Equipment does not meet the recommended minimum computer requirements or has not been updated to do so, Customer Equipment may not be adequate to access or use the Services and your only remedy is to cancel the affected Services. We will not be able to offer you customer support for any issues other than the quality of the signal delivered to the Xplore Equipment. Xplore does not represent, warrant or guarantee that the Services will be compatible with all system configurations.

16. What equipment does Xplore provide?

Xplore provides equipment, such as an antenna, access point, transceiver, modem, or other customer premise equipment required to receive the Services. You will find more information about the installation process on our website at You may also choose to rent additional, optional equipment from us, such as the Xplore Wi-Fi Router. In this Agreement, any equipment you receive from Xplore is called “Xplore Equipment”. Xplore Equipment will be provided by the Xplore technician at the time of installation.

Xplore is the owner of and retains title to the Xplore Equipment. Other trade-marks and proprietary marks on the Xplore Equipment are and will remain the property of the manufacturer. You will not do anything to infringe upon, harm or contest the validity of the trade-marks or other marks on the Xplore Equipment. You will provide us with your landlord’s consent to the attachment of the Xplore Equipment, if necessary.

We may replace, upgrade or modify the Xplornet Equipment required for the use of Services, or migrate your Services to other technologies or platforms.

17. Who is responsible for the Equipment I need to use the Services?

You are responsible for Customer Equipment, for example, your computer or telephone, and any Xplore Equipment you use with the Services (together, “Equipment”) and all associated risks. You are responsible for maintaining safe access to and the security of the Equipment, and any data backup required, is your responsibility. You must take reasonable care of any Xplore Equipment and maintain it in good working condition following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

18. How can I use the Xplore Equipment?

You may only use the Xplore Equipment as required to receive the Services in accordance with this Agreement.

19. Can I move or modify the Xplore Equipment?

No. You must not move, alter or disturb any Xplore Equipment used for Internet Access Services that has been installed at the location shown on the Critical Information Summary or associated wiring or power supply because it might impact provision of the Services. Additional Fees may apply if any repair or restoration is required as a result of changes to any disturbance of Xplore Equipment.

The Xplore Equipment for all Services cannot be moved to a different address without our advance written permission. If you want to change the location where you receive the Services, please contact us at 1-866-841-6001 or see our website at If we are unable or unwilling to provide the Services to you at the new location, you will remain responsible for all Fees payable under this Agreement for the full Term, unless you cancel the Services as described in question 37.

20. When and how do I return the Xplore Equipment?

Xplore Equipment must be returned in good condition (reasonable and normal wear and tear excepted) within 30 days from the cancellation or other termination of the applicable Services. We will provide you with instructions regarding removal and shipping as appropriate when you cancel, but please contact us if you have any questions.

21. Can Xplore help me to de-install and remove the Xplore Equipment?

If you need assistance with the de-installation and return of the Xplore Equipment, please call us at 1-866-841-6001. We will arrange for an Xplore technician to come to your premises to remove all or any portion of the Xplore Equipment. Service charges may apply for this assistance.

22. What happens if I fail to return the Xplore Equipment?

To the extent permitted by applicable law, if you fail to return any of the Xplore Equipment in good condition (reasonable and normal wear and tear being excepted) within 30 days of the cancellation date, we may send an Xplore technician to retrieve the Xplore Equipment and you consent to permit such personnel to enter into your premises as necessary to do so. Otherwise, we may charge you the Replacement Cost of such Xplore Equipment, as described in question 28.

Xplore may, at its option, by notice in writing to you, choose not to remove all or any portion of the Xplore Equipment, in which case ownership of the designated equipment will pass to you (without any additional charge payable by you to us) following our sending the notice and Xplore will have no further responsibility or obligation for or liability to you arising out of or in connection with such Xplore Equipment. For clarity, the transfer of title to the Xplore Equipment will not transfer or assign any intellectual property right in or to the Xplore Equipment.

Xplore Software

23. What terms apply to software supplied by Xplore?

Xplore grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-assignable license to use the Xplore software (including software from third-party vendors) included with and as embedded in or as part of the Xplore Equipment, associated documentation (if any) and any updates to the foregoing (“Licensed Programs”) provided for your Services. You may use the Licensed Programs solely in conjunction with the Services and for no other purpose. We may modify, upgrade, or remove the Licensed Programs at any time, for any reason, without providing notice to you. The Licensed Programs are confidential and proprietary information of Xplore and our licensors and embody trade secrets and intellectual property protected under Canadian copyright laws and other laws. All right, title and interest in the Licensed Programs, including associated intellectual property rights are and will remain with Xplore and our licensors. You must not translate, decompile, reverse-engineer, distribute, remarket, disassemble or otherwise dispose of, thereof or make any other unauthorized use of the Licensed Programs or any part of the Licensed Programs.

Other licence terms (which may include third party licence terms) may apply to other software offered or provided by Xplore from time to time.

Installation, Support and Service Calls

28) Quels sont les frais applicables?

Après la date de début de vos services, vous convenez de nous payer les frais mensuels applicables pour le service, les frais d’installation applicables, les frais de location de l’équipement et d’autres frais, comme il est indiqué dans votre résumé des renseignements essentiels, majorés toutes les taxes applicables.

Des frais supplémentaires peuvent s’appliquer dans certaines circonstances. Ces frais, et les circonstances dans lesquelles ils s’appliquent, sont indiqués dans le tableau ci-dessous. Vous acceptez de payer ces frais supplémentaires s’ils s’appliquent, majorés de toutes les taxes applicables.

Frais de compteMontant
Frais de retard de paiement2 %/mois, composé (taux annuel 26,82 %
Frais de réactivation (compte suspendu pour défaut de paiement)25 $
Fonds non suffisants (FNS)/Paiements retournés/Refus de paiement préautorisé25 $
Suspension temporaire (minimum 4 semaines, maximum 6 mois)jusqu’à 30 $/mois
Frais de serviceMontant
Frais d’activation49,99 $ à 99,99 $
Frais de location de modem5 $ à 15 $
Frais de résiliation anticipée (durée déterminée de 1 an)120 $
Frais de résiliation anticipée (durée déterminée de 2 ans)240 $
Coût de remplacement de l’équipementMontant
Modem sans fil, modem satellite ou radio par satellite250 $
Système satellite complet499 $
Station Wi-Fi75 $
Téléphone résidentiel Xplore75 $

Tous les frais sont indiqués en dollars canadiens.

Vous pouvez consulter un exemplaire de votre facture mensuelle ainsi que des renseignements concernant votre utilisation et les autres frais à l’adresse

29) Comment serais-je facturé pour les services?

Vous serez facturé mensuellement à l’avance pour vos frais récurrents mensuels et à terme échu pour tous les autres frais. Tous les frais apparaîtront sur votre facture mensuelle (également appelée une « facture »).

Nous mettrons votre facture à votre disposition par courriel à l’adresse courriel de facturation associée à votre compte. Il est de votre responsabilité de vérifier régulièrement le compte de messagerie applicable pour ces factures. Vous pouvez également accéder à votre facture actuelle à l’adresse

30) Comment puis-je payer ma facture?

Vous devez payer intégralement votre facture pour vos services en dollars canadiens. Vous pouvez payer votre facture pour vos services à Xplore de l’une des façons suivantes :

  • Configurez le prélèvement automatique afin de débiter de votre compte bancaire ou le paiement préautorisé sur votre carte de crédit afin d’imputer directement sur votre carte de crédit le total exigible indiqué sur votre facture chaque mois en visitant
  • En ligne en visitant pour payer avec une carte VISA, MasterCard ou American Express ou pour payer en ligne par l’intermédiaire de votre institution financière
  • Par téléphone en composant le 1-866-841-6001 et en parlant à un représentant du soutien à la clientèle
  • Par tout autre mode de paiement offert pendant la période d’engagement par Xplore qui est décrit à l’adresse

Veuillez vous assurer de payer tous les montants dus à Xplore avant la date d’échéance de votre facture. Veuillez laisser suffisamment de temps pour que votre paiement nous parvienne et qu’il soit traité par votre institution financière.

Si vous avez choisi de configurer le paiement par prélèvement automatique sur votre compte bancaire ou le paiement préautorisé sur votre carte de crédit, vous autorisez Xplore à facturer les frais applicables au compte bancaire ou à la carte de crédit applicable. La facturation automatique sera faite chaque mois à l’avance pour les frais mensuels récurrents et à terme échu pour tous les autres frais. Nous ne sommes pas responsables des frais pour les comptes en découvert ou les dépassements de la limite des cartes de crédit ni des frais semblables découlant de la facturation automatique.

31) Et si je ne paie pas ma facture à temps?

Vous devez payer tous les montants indiqués dans ces factures au plus tard à la date d’échéance du paiement indiquée sur votre facture. Si Xplore ne reçoit pas le paiement intégral de toutes les sommes dues sur votre facture à la date d’échéance, le montant impayé sera assujetti à des frais de retard de paiement de 2 % par mois (qui est l’équivalent de 26,82 % par année). Les frais de retard de paiement sont courus quotidiennement et seront calculés et composés mensuellement sur le montant impayé à compter de la date d’échéance de la première facture sur lequel le montant apparaît jusqu’à la date à laquelle nous recevons ce montant en totalité.

Pour les clients hors du Québec, Xplore peut facturer à votre compte des frais majorés des taxes applicables si votre paiement est refusé par votre institution financière pour des fonds insuffisants. Ces frais visent à compenser les coûts engagés par Xplore.

Les comptes en souffrance et les services connexes peuvent être suspendus ou annulés si :

  • le montant impayé excède 50 $;
  • tout montant est en souffrance depuis plus de 2 mois;
  • vous omettez de fournir ou de maintenir un dépôt de garantie que nous vous demandons de fournir; ou
  • vous ne respectez pas un programme de paiements différés dont nous avons convenu par écrit avec vous.

Toutefois, tous les frais continueront de courir jusqu’à ce que le compte soit payé ou annulé. Vous recevrez un avis écrit de tous les frais de rebranchement applicables au moment de la suspension des services.

32) Et si j’ai des préoccupations à propos des Frais?

Si vous avez des questions au sujet de votre compte ou de votre facture, veuillez communiquer avec notre centre de soutien à la clientèle au 1-866-841-6001. Vous disposez d’un délai de 30 jours à compter de la date de facturation pour contester les frais sur votre facture. Tous les montants facturés sont considérés comme valables, sauf s’ils sont contestés dans les 30 jours suivant la date de facturation. Les montants qui ont plus de 60 jours ne seront pas ajustés. Après cette date, vous reconnaissez que tous les honoraires sur votre facture sont définitifs et vous ne pouvez plus les contester.

33) Comment corriger une erreur de paiement?

Veuillez communiquer avec votre institution financière pour corriger tout paiement effectué par erreur, y compris par des moyens électroniques (Internet, services bancaires téléphoniques ou guichet automatique, par exemple).

34) Comment fonctionnent les rabais ou les offre promotionnelles?

Xplore peut offrir des rabais à durée limitée, des mesures incitatives et des offres promotionnelles de temps à autre aux clients qui souscrivent à nos services. Il peut s’agir de frais d’installation gratuits ou réduits, de frais de service mensuels réduits ou d’autres offres promotionnelles. Les rabais promotionnels indiqués dans votre résumé des renseignements essentiels s’appliqueront à la période indiquée.

Xplore appliquera des rabais, des mesures incitatives ou des offres promotionnelles à votre compte tant que ces rabais, mesures incitatives ou offres promotionnelles demeurent en vigueur et que vous respectez les exigences d’admissibilité applicables (y compris, maintenir vos services sans interruption). Les rabais, les mesures incitatives et les offres promotionnelles ne seront pas appliqués de façon rétroactive et peuvent prendre plus d’un cycle de facturation avant d’être appliqués.

35) Que se passe-t-il si mes informations de facturation changent?

Vous devez nous fournir de l’information de facturation exacte et complète, y compris votre nom légal, votre adresse, votre numéro de téléphone et votre numéro de carte de crédit/information de facturation, et déclarer tous les changements apportés à cette information dans les 30 jours suivant le changement à Xplore par l’intermédiaire de ou du centre de soutien à la clientèle Xplore au 18668416001.

Billing & Payment

28. What fees apply?

After the start date of your Services, you agree to pay us the applicable monthly fees for the Service, applicable installation charges, rental charges for the Equipment, and other fees, as indicated on your Critical Information Summary, plus all applicable taxes.

Additional fees may apply in particular circumstances. These fees, and the circumstances in which they apply, are set out in the table below. You agree to pay any such additional fees if they apply, plus all applicable taxes.

Account FeesAmount
Late Payment Charge2% per month, compounded (26.82% annual rate)
Reactivation Fee (account suspended for non-payment)$25
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)/Returned Payment/Pre-Authorized Payment Denial$25
Temporary Suspension (minimum 4 weeks, maximum of 6 months)up to $30/Month
Service FeesAmount
Activation Fee$49.99 – $99.99
Modem Rental Fee$5-$15
Early Cancellation Charge (1-year fixed term)$120
Early Cancellation Charge (2-year fixed term)$240
Equipment Replacement CostAmount
Wireless Modem, Satellite Modem or Satellite Radio$250
Satellite Full System$499
Wi-Fi Router$75
Xplore Home Phone$75

All Fees are specified in Canadian dollars.

You can access a copy of your monthly bill, as well as information regarding your usage, charges and other fees through

29. How will I be billed for Services?

You will be billed monthly in advance for your monthly recurring charges and in arrears for all other Fees. All charges and Fees will appear on your monthly invoice (also called a “bill”).

We will make your bill available to you via e-mail to the billing e-mail address associated with your account. It is your responsibility to check the applicable e-mail account on a regular basis for such invoices. You can also access your current bill through

30. How can I pay my bill?

You are required to pay your bill for Services in full in Canadian dollars. You can pay your bill for Services to Xplore in any of the following ways:

  • Set up Preauthorized Debit (PAD) to deduct from your bank account or Preauthorized Credit (PAC) to charge directly to your credit card, the total due on your bill each month by visiting
  • Online by visiting to pay with VISA, MasterCard or American Express, or pay online through your financial institution
  • By Phone by calling 1-866-841-6001 and speaking to a Customer Care representative
  • Through any other payment method offered during the Commitment Period by Xplore that is described at

Please make sure to pay all amounts owing to Xplore by the due date on your bill. Please allow adequate time for your payment to reach us and to be processed by your financial institution.

If you have selected to set up automatic PAD or PAC payment, you authorize Xplore to charge the applicable Fees to the applicable bank account or credit card. The automatic billing will be made each month in advance for monthly recurring charges and in arrears for all other Fees. We are not responsible for any fees for overdrawn accounts, exceeding credit card limits, or similar expenses resulting from automatic billing.

31. What if I do not pay my bill on time?

You must pay all amounts set out in such invoices by no later than the payment due date set out in your invoice. If Xplore does not receive payment in full for all amounts owing on your bill by the due date, the unpaid amount will be subject to a late payment charge of 2% per month (which is the equivalent to 26.82% per year). Late payment charges are accrued on a daily basis and will be calculated and compounded monthly on the outstanding amount from the due date of the first bill on which it appears until the date we receive that amount in full.

For customers outside of Québec, Xplore may charge your account a fee plus applicable taxes if your payment is refused by your financial institution for insufficient funds. This charge is to offset costs incurred by Xplore.

Delinquent accounts and associated Services may be suspended or cancelled, if:

  • the outstanding amount exceeds $50;
  • any amount is more than 2 months overdue;
  • you fail to provide or maintain a security deposit that we require you to provide; or
  • you fail to comply with any deferred payment plan we have agreed to in writing with you.

However, all Fees will continue to accrue until the account is paid or cancelled. You will be given written notice of any applicable reconnection charges at the time the Services are suspended.

32. What if I have a concern about a Fee?

If you have questions regarding your account or your bill, you should contact our Customer Care Centre at 1-866-841-6001. You have 30 days from the bill date to dispute any Fee on your bill. All invoiced amounts are considered valid unless disputed within 30 days of the bill date. Adjustments will not be made for amounts that are more than 60 days old. After that time, you agree that all Fees on your bill are final and you can no longer dispute them.

33. How do I correct a payment error?

Please contact your financial institution to correct any payment made in error by you, including through electronic means (such as Internet, telephone banking or ATM).

34. How do discounts or promotions work?

Xplore may offer limited time discounts, incentives, and promotional offers from time to time to customers who subscribe to our Services. These may include free or discounted installation fees, reduced monthly service charges, or other promotional incentives. Promotional discounts set out in your Critical Information Summary will apply for the period indicated.

Xplore will apply any discounts, incentives or promotions to your account during the time these discounts, incentives or promotions remain in effect and you meet the applicable eligibility requirements (including, maintaining your Services without interruption). Discounts, incentives, and promotions will not be applied retroactively and may take more than one billing cycle to be applied.

35. What if my billing information changes?

You must provide us with accurate and complete billing information including your legal name, address, telephone number, and credit card/billing information and report all changes to this information within 30 days of the change to Xplore via or the Xplore Customer Care Centre at 1-866-841-6001.

Trial Period and Ending Your Agreement

36. Is there a Trial Period for Internet Access Services?

Yes. Xplore provides you with a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee for its Internet Access Service, details of which can be found at If you are dissatisfied with your Service for any reason, you will receive a refund if you cancel your Service within 30 days of activation. To cancel your Internet Access Service, contact Xplore’s Customer Care Centre at 1-866-841-6001.

Provided you return all your Xplore Equipment to Xplore in good condition, no early cancellation fee will apply and we will refund the amounts you paid to Xplore towards the cost of the standard Xplore Equipment Installation and any amounts paid to Xplore for the first 30 days of Internet Access Service. Any costs charged for an enhanced installation or third-party equipment will not be eligible for a refund.

37. How do I cancel my Services?

Although we would be sorry to see you leave, you may cancel this Agreement at any time by calling the Xplore Customer Care Centre at 1-866-841-6001. Except during the Trial Period (see question 36 for more information about the Trial Period), all outstanding amounts owing, including any overdue amounts, as well as any applicable early cancellation fee (see question 43 for more information about early cancellation fees), will be payable in full upon cancellation.

You may have other rights to cancel your Services that are provided by law. This Agreement does not limit those rights.

Xplore Equipment must be returned in good condition (reasonable and normal wear and tear excepted) within 30 days from the cancellation of your Services. See questions 20 to 22 for more information on the return of Xplore Equipment.

38. Can I temporarily suspend my Services?

Yes. Please call the Xplore Customer Care Centre at 1-866-841-6001 to request a seasonal or other temporary suspension that is more than 4 weeks and less than 6 months. You will not be billed for the suspended Services while they are suspended, and the time will not count against your Commitment Period for those Services. The end date of your Commitment Period will be extended by the same time period. A monthly Fee (as set out in question 28) will be payable during each month that your Internet Access Service is temporarily suspended.

39. Can Xplore suspend or disconnect my Services with notice?

To the extent permitted by applicable law, Xplore can cancel any Service or this Agreement upon a minimum of 30 days (60 days in Québec, and Newfoundland and Labrador) prior written notice to you, including where Xplore ceases to offer a Service to which you subscribe.

Additionally, Xplore may suspend or disconnect any Service or terminate this Agreement if: (a) you fail to pay an account that is past due, provided the amount owing exceeds $50, or has been past due for more than two months; (b) you fail to maintain any security deposit we require; (c) you have previously agreed to a deferred payment plan with Xplore and you fail to comply with its terms; or (d) Xplore reasonably believes there has been a violation of this Agreement or any applicable law, regulation, order or policy.

You will be provided with a minimum of 14 days’ notice prior to any suspension or disconnection in these circumstances, and that notice will let you know (i) the reason for the suspension or disconnection and the amount owing, if any; (ii) the scheduled suspension or disconnection date; (iii) information on the availability (or not) of deferred payment plans; (iv) the amount of the reconnection charge (if applicable); and (v) contact information for a Xplore representative who can speak with you about the suspension or disconnection. Xplore will attempt to notify you at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled suspension or disconnection unless repeated attempts to contact you have failed. Suspension or disconnection will always occur on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. or on weekends between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (unless the weekday or weekend day precedes a statutory holiday, in which case suspension or disconnection may not occur after noon) in your province or territory of residence.

40. Can Xplore suspend or disconnect my Services without notice?

Xplore can without notice and for cause, suspend, cancel or refuse to provide the Services, or any part of the Services, to you. Cause includes where: (a) Xplore reasonably believes that such action is required to protect the network from harm; (b) Xplore has a reasonable suspicion that fraud has occurred or is likely to occur; or (c) a pre-set spending limit that you have requested or been made aware of is reached. Xplore may also suspend or disconnect Services without notice where it is required by law to do so.

41. Can Xplore cease to provide an existing Service?

Xplore may discontinue a Service in the event that the underlying telecommunications facilities used to provide the Service including, where applicable, any satellite or terrestrial technology, reaches the end of its useful life, fails in whole or in part, or otherwise becomes unavailable or unusable, or Xplore otherwise becomes unable to continue to provide the Service for any reason outside of Xplore’s control. Xplore will make reasonable efforts to: (i) provide at least 60 days’ advance notice to affected customers (or, where Xplore is unable to provide 60 days’ notice, as much notice as it can reasonably provide in the circumstances) and; (ii) assist the affected customers in migrating to an alternative Service for the balance of their applicable Commitment Period. However, in the event that you choose not to accept a replacement Service or no replacement Service is available at your service location (for example, because of a change in the geographic coverage area), your sole remedy and Xplore’s sole responsibility will be to terminate this Agreement without any applicable early cancellation fee.

42. Will I be charged a cancellation fee if Xplore disconnects my Service?

If Xplore cancels your Services for any reason, all outstanding amounts owing, including any overdue amounts will be payable in full. This will include, as applicable, any unpaid amounts from previous bills or fees for Xtra Care, and may include the Replacement Cost of any Xplore Equipment that is not returned in good condition, as described above in question 28. However no other cancellation fee will apply, unless Xplore terminates your service for non-payment.

43. Will I be charged a cancellation fee if I cancel my Service?

Except where the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee applies, if you wish to terminate your Services prior to the expiration of the Commitment Period set out on your Critical Information Summary, in addition to all other unpaid amounts owing to us at the time of the cancellation (including, as applicable, any unpaid amounts from previous bills or fees for Xtra Care), you must pay an early cancellation fee calculated as $240 for a two year Commitment Period, or $120 for a one year Commitment Period, in each case reduced by $10 per month for each month prior to termination, including any partial months. For example, if you had a two year Commitment Period and you terminated your subscription 7 months and 3 days after your Services began, the applicable early cancellation fee would be $240 – (8 x $10) = $160.

44. What if I have a credit balance on my final bill?

If an account has a positive balance of greater than $5 at the time of the final bill, Xplore will refund the amount of the balance to you within 90 days of the date of that bill.

45. Does any part of this Agreement continue after cancellation or termination of my Services?

Rights and obligations which by their nature continue beyond termination will continue to survive and remain in effect after the Services and this Agreement have been cancelled, including, but not limited to, Sections 20 to 22 (Equipment Returns), Sections 28 to 35 (Billing & Payment), Sections 46 to 49 (Disclaimer & Limitation of Liability) and this Section 45.