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iTel Networks is in the business of knowing business.

Headquartered in Kamloops, British Columbia – with a team of approximately 50 employees – the converged network company provides business Internet and managed services across Canada. In doing so, they connect all types of workplaces – but with a special focus on those with the most complex connectivity requirements.

“Our focus is entirely on business customers and meeting their telecom needs,” says iTel’s Marketing Manager Emily Anderson. “But our specialty is really multi-distributed businesses with many different sites. They may struggle to get adequate connectivity at all of them.”

Whether those businesses are connecting distributed locations of a single company or helping their clients stay in constant contact with monitoring sites in remote locations, iTel prides itself on providing Internet connections their customers can rely on – all while saving them the confusion and hassle of managing multiple bills across locations. But to do that, they need the right partners.

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Partners like Xplornet Enterprise Solutions

Through our Carrier Services offerings and robust network, Xplornet helps iTel meet all of their clients’ needs. By filling in bandwidth needs, increasing reliability and adding satellite backup solutions for redundancy offerings, we help empower them to provide the top-tier services they’re known for.

It’s partnerships like these that will allow iTel to continue to grow their services and keep up with the changing workforce and evolving business needs. The COVID-19 pandemic and rise of remote work have already brought about some of those changes, Emily says, and she expects even more in the future.

“There's still a lot of uncertainty as we see how many people are going to go back to the office versus how many companies are going to say, ‘No, this is great. We're leaving it like this,’” Emily says. “It's going to change the nature of what is needed in terms of connectivity quite a bit. So we've been looking at different options for just how we can do better. How can we provide better service to our customers?”

But while the workplace landscape may be changing, that kind of level of attention from iTel isn’t new. The company is “continually looking at better ways to service our customers,” Emily says. That means adding to their offerings, keeping up with their clients’ diverse needs and providing the best customer service they can. In fact, that commitment to customer service is why their network operations centre is based in Canada – a huge advantage for their customers.

“Customers can call and there are fairly short wait times, they know who they're talking to and they're talking to somebody who knows what the Canadian landscape looks like, what some of the challenges here can be,” Emily says.

As their partner, Xplornet Enterprise Solutions also knows what those challenges can be, and our network helps iTel overcome them – to provide fast, reliable connections across all of Canada, even the most remote and hard-to-service locations. Through our fibre and satellite options, we enable them to expand their offerings and provide more reliable options for their customers – supporting their clients no matter what their business needs may be.

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