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Here’s a little trivia for you.

With over 705,000 residents, what’s the seventh largest city in Canada? Hint: it’s Manitoba’s largest community, with more than half of the province’s residents living there.

If you guessed Winnipeg, you’re correct (though, to be honest, the title of this post might have given us away). Winnipeg’s growing population is just the start, though. Its business community is just as impressive, with a gross domestic product (GDP) of $43.3 billion and 69,188 businesses in operation as of 2018. Advanced manufacturing, aerospace, agribusiness and information and communication technologies are all among the industries thriving there.

And as a Partner with Economic Development Winnipeg, Xplore Business is all about supporting Winnipeg’s business community and beyond.

Economic Development Winnipeg

Economic Development Winnipeg (EDW) is devoted to building Winnipeg’s economy in a number of ways, including:

  • Supporting business owners to help boost the local economy and create a business community with a variety of options and opportunities for consumers and employees.

  • Helping to retain and expand business within Winnipeg, to build more employment opportunities and further economic growth for the city.
  • Attracting new talent to bring people with the right skills into the city – and developing those skills in the people who already live there – to fill jobs locally, now and in the future.
  • Promoting tourism through conventions, tourist-attracting businesses and bringing new people into the city to support the economy.

It also promotes foreign investments and partners with city, provincial and federal governments to support local businesses through loans, tax breaks. It's all about making the community a better place to work and live.

All of which makes the community a better place to work and live.

And all of which are goals we can get behind at Xplore Business.

Improving Connections For Winnipeg Businesses

As a partner of Economic Development Winnipeg, Xplore Business does what we can to support and grow local businesses. After all, a fast, reliable Internet connection is a necessity for all businesses these days. And with cost-effective options, dedicated fibre, Layer 2 and Layer 3 services, and upload and download speeds suited to any kind of operation, we offer Winnipeg businesses exactly that.

With a variety of solutions to choose from, we have options for organizations of all sizes – from small mom-and-pop shops to multinational corporations – scalable to grow with your needs - even outside the city limits. We have custom solutions, designed specifically for you, no matter your location.

In other words: Winnipeg, we’ve got your back. Keep growing and we’ll keep you connected as you do.

Learn more about how Xplore Business can help connect your business.