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What do you know about Canada’s tech sector?

It probably wouldn’t surprise you that Toronto is the biggest city for tech companies in the country and the source of much of our tech talent. Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary fall close behind.

But several Canadian destinations are giving those larger cities a run for their money. There’s a thriving start-up community in Fredericton, New Brunswick, for example – which clocked over $1 billion in technology exits in the past five years – and in Halifax, Nova Scotia the tech sector has grown by 24% over those five years too.

Also on the list of rising tech communities is Winnipeg, Manitoba.

A Tech-Savvy Community

In Winnipeg, a thriving community of small- and medium-sized businesses in the information and communications technologies (ICT) sector continues to grow. At the same time, tech talent specializing in data management, security, web and cloud applications and video gaming is taking up residence. In fact, Manitoba as a whole has established itself as a thriving destination for start-ups, scale-ups and multinational tech businesses.

Headquartered in Brandon, Manitoba (with connections across Canada), Xplore Business has deep ties in the province’s tech sector and wants to do everything we can to support it. That’s one of the reasons we’re part of Tech Manitoba.

The Role of Tech Manitoba

TechManitoba is an industry organization dedicated to growing Manitoba’s technology sector. They provide industry information, facilitate networking and offer customized professional development programs to over 180 corporate members representing more than 10,000 employees – helping tech talent and tech businesses grow.

As part of its efforts, TechManitoba partnered with the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) to release Manitoba and a Digital-First Future: The Implications of Connectivity on Tech-Equity and Education, exploring the status of connectivity in Manitoba and the “digital divide” between urban and remote regions. For the tech sector to thrive, the report suggests, companies need reliable Internet with broadband speeds that keep up. And to open up economic opportunities province-wide even the most rural areas need quality connections.

Dedicated to providing exactly that kind of fast, reliable Internet across Manitoba and Canada-wide – in urban centres as well as the country’s most rural and remote locations – Xplornet Enterprise Solutions is proud to be making communities more inviting for global tech businesses. In doing so, we hope we can help TechManitoba make the province’s tech industry even stronger.

Who knows – maybe Toronto won’t be Canada’s biggest tech destination for very much longer.

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