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In a country the size of ours, businesses really need someone they can rely on to safely and securely move goods around.

That’s where Canada’s trucking industry comes in. In fact, with about 302,000 truck drivers across Canada, transporting approximately 66.5 million shipments a year, it’s not a leap to say that the trucking industry keeps Canada’s economy moving. It plays a critical role in connecting Canadian businesses coast to coast and around the globe.

But Canada’s trucking industry needs connections they can rely on too.

That’s why Xplore Business and Canada’s trucking industry make such great partners. And it’s why Xplore Business is part of the Manitoba Trucking Association – a key industry group in this critical sector.

Let’s take a look at the Manitoba trucking industry – and travel a little further into the industry’s connectivity needs.

Advocating for the Industry

So what is the Manitoba Trucking Association? Here’s the 411:

  • Manitoba Trucking Association: Established in 1932, the Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) is an industry advocacy group representing over 300 carrier and associated trade members throughout Manitoba and across Canada. It helps ensure a safe and healthy business environment for its member companies, providing a voice for those who otherwise might not have one. The MTA also represents the Manitoba trucking industry’s interests nationally, as a member of the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

Why is Xplore Business – a business Internet provider (definitely not a trucking company!)- a member of this influential trucking industry association?

Driving the Trucking Business

As a member of the MTA, we’re able to make strong connections within Canada’s trucking sector – while learning more about how we can serve the industry.

Trucking companies have specific needs, after all. With drivers across the country and beyond, they have to be able to keep in touch at all times, track deliveries nationwide, connect with customers and schedule shipments efficiently. All of which requires fast, reliable business Internet – with a backup connection so that they can keep on trucking even during a network emergency.

Xplore Business understands that. When we talk to our trucking company customers, we recommend higher upload and download speeds – including reliable fibre options where they’re available – as well as affordable backup plans with route-diverse multi-platform connections that will protect their business from the impacts of a possible outage. We also remind them that our customer support is available 24/7 – ready to help them whenever they need it. All of which helps trucking companies stay moving no matter what.

As part of organizations like the MTA, our representatives can better learn exactly what Canada’s trucking companies need from their day-to-day connections – and when those needs change. And we’re dedicated to continually helping them along that journey.

Learn more about what Xplore Business offers businesses across the country.