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Many communities have them. And if you have a business, you probably know exactly where to find yours. In fact, it may just be your lifeline.

We’re talking about your local Chamber of Commerce.

An incredible resource for local businesses, Chambers of Commerce offer a wealth of opportunities for networking, marketing, professional skill development and advocacy. They’re a great way to make all of the connections you need to accelerate your business.

And since Xplore Business is all about making the best connections, you won’t be surprised to hear that we’re a member of more than 20 different Chambers of Commerce across the country. For us, it’s one of the best part of doing business in the many great communities we work in.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits – and where we’re making our own Chamber of Commerce connections.

The Benefits of Joining Your Chamber of Commerce

So what value can you get from joining the Chamber of Commerce near you? There are plenty of benefits we could focus on – that’s how much we believe in the power of the CoC. But these are our top four:

  1. They help you attract more customers: Customers value their community’s Chamber of Commerce – and as a result, the businesses who belong to it. By becoming a part of the chamber, you’re demonstrating to them that you’re dedicated to the community and creating roots within – values many locals look for. The marketing and promotional opportunities offered by Chambers of Commerce add to that as well, putting your name in front of the community and inspiring them to check your business out.
  2. They help you build better partnerships: Whether your business services other businesses (like ours does) or simply relies on them for the services and products you need day to day, the Chamber of Commerce is a great place to make connections with them. Networking opportunities will help you build better connections and put a face to each business, so that when you need a local service or product – whether it’s an electrician, office supplies or an Internet provider – you already know exactly who to call.
  1. They help you establish a referral network: Those business owners you’re networking with and getting to know are all part of the local community too – and when their customers or contacts need a referral in your area of work, you want your name to be the first one they think of. Building a network and making friends through your Chamber of Commerce not only helps everyone get to know your business, but it lets them know they can trust you to provide a great service to their clients too.
  1. They’re a great way to get to know your community better: Whether you’re coming from out of town or are new to business in a community you’ve lived in for years, getting to know the local community and the businesses that support it is critical to success. Your Chamber of Commerce can help you do that – and put you right at the heart of that business community.

Our Chamber of Commerce Experience

Committed to being a strong part of all of the communities we serve – and always looking to explore new connections wherever we go – Xplornet Enterprise Solutions makes it a point to join the local Chamber of Commerce whenever we start servicing a new location. In fact, we’re part of over 20 Chambers of Commerce – and are adding to that number all of the time.

We find that each Chamber of Commerce offers its own opportunities and value. Our local representatives not only benefit from that, but we like to think they add to the value others get as well.

Here’s a list of the Chambers of Commerce we’re currently involved with:

Is your community on the list? Don’t forget to come say hello at the next Chamber networking event!

Want to know whether Xplore Business services your community? Contact us today.